About this campaign

WARAID – Walk against rape and indecency
The initiative aim to reduce the high incidence of rape and sexual violence in communities through education and change in the mindset and attitudes of the adolescent teenagers

Use of Funds

Fund will be used to campaign against domestic violence across 20 schools in Lagos State with the aim

To change the attitude and existing mindset of girls about rape and sexual abuse.

To create awareness on social indecency with the aim to stand against it

To educate girls and empower them to be protectors rather than bystanders incase of assaults

To teach the girls to break the culture of silence using social media

To equip young girls with the knowledge and the tools to assist in the prevention of gender-based violence with the provision of the services provided The DIO Centre.

To teach girls on using digital space to amplify their voices against Gender based violence

Fund will also be used to set up sustainable business for 3 teenage girls that became pregnant as a result of domestic violence during covid 19. Mary, Lola and Pendo are currently undergoing skill up at The DIO Centre.

Fund will be used to cater for Antennal bill and delivery charges as well. We hope to save this girls from become a bride due to rape cause they will be perpetually abused if not helped.

With your support, rape culture can become an history! Support this worthy cause