Walk Against Rape And Indecency

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Join us in the fight against Gender Based Violence and help us empower young girls and women to stand up against rape and indecency. Your support can help us make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable communities.

At WARIAD, we are dedicated to implementing sustainable capacity building, empowerment, reintegration, and recovery programs for female youths and women. Our mission is to create a society where women and girls can thrive and reach their full potential without fear of violence or discrimination.


Walk Against Rape and Indecency is a solution to Gender Based Violence. It is the largest ingathering of girl children aimed at advocacy against #GBV, implementing sustainable capacity building, empowerment, reintegration and recovery program to female youths and women

WARAID mission is to  prevent and reduce the prevalence of Gender Based Violence with special focus on Rape and indirect discrimination.

Project Objectives

  • Advocacy and awareness campaigns to promote gender equality and combat gender-based violence


  • Educational programs to teach girls about self-defense, healthy relationships, and other important life skills
  • Entrepreneurship training and support to help girls build their own businesses and become financially independent


  • Counseling and support services to help survivors of sexual violence and abuse heal and recover


be bigger, bolder, and more impactful than ever before.

At WARIAD 4.0, you’ll join thousands of other like-minded individuals who are committed to ending gender-based violence and promoting gender equality. You’ll participate in empowering workshops, hear inspiring speakers, and connect with people from all walks of life who share your passion for change.